Message From our Executive Director

Welcome family and friends. As with all of us, We have seen many challenges presented to Delhaven over the past few years. During these difficult times, Delhaven remained true to our core belief that we are here to serve our community, and during the most difficult times is when our community needs us the most. Our State Licensed Day Care Facility for our Special Needs participants remained open for those who needed care, our after school programs for children continued, our Family Resource Center assisting those with emergency food, clothing, hygiene products, and more remained open in our local community continued. Although this pandemic is not over and appears to be with us for a while moving forward, Delhaven continues to re-open our other programs and services, and continues to be a support system for our community! Finally, in regards to health safety for our families, participants, and staff, at the beginning of this pandemic and then throughout the pandemic as new information was given, Delhaven implemented an extremely strict health and safety mitigation plan that all staff and participants follow. On top of that, all of our staff are vaccinated and are tested regularly. 😊

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