“Building Better Tommorrows…. one person at a time”

One day 38 years ago, a young child was dropped off at our after school enrichment program.  Within 15 minutes he had torn apart the Directors office and threatened other staff, this was our introduction into “Phillip”.  It was also our introduction to the realization that there were children that needed a program that understood their needs whether emotional and/or behavioral, and needed a place where they realized that despite their struggles they were experiencing, there were people that stilled cared about them.  Welcome to our Voyagers Club that has been working with children such as Phillip since then.

Since 1972, Delhaven Community Center, a private non- profit social service agency, has been serving the City of La Puente and surrounding communities.  We strive to provide recreational, educational, and social activities in a structured and supervised setting.  This is a passion that is seen in our after school educational and enrichment programs for at risk youth, our summer camp programs keeping kids off the streets and giving them the opportunities for new experiences, our Voyagers Club for children with emotional and/or behavioral challenges, our family emergency program helping families with needed food, clothing, and other supplies, our pay it forward program that once a month focuses on helping others, and our programs for the Intellectually Challenged including social, educational, and employment opportunities, and many other programs and services!

Welcome to Delhaven Community Center…. Building Better Tomorrows one person… one family at a time!