Because We Care

Since 1972- almost 50 years of service, Delhaven has been revolutionary in our development of new concepts of needed programming within our community. From being the first to provide structured after school educational and enrichment activities at our location and at school facilities, to being instrumental in the development of Special Olympics back in their grass roots beginnings, to the development of a specialized program working closely with our schools for children with emotional and / or behavioral challenges, and many more.

Delhaven has developed a new program called Because We Care. This unique program focuses on providing a support system for those facing challenges with mental illness, learning disabilities, and services for our special needs population. These services consist of the development of a network of various types of therapists, including those specializing in mental illness, speech, behavioral, physical, educational, art, and music, whom we can connect those in need of those services with. The program also provides financial support, and family support groups. As part of this program, we will be creating an Adaptive Physical Fitness Center. These services are all being provided in a very healthy, comfortable environment here at Delhaven where our families already know and trust us, and where all of the bureaucracy is left out.

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