About Us

Our Community Center…

A dream built upon a vision… a vision that “I live but one life, and I may live that one poorly, but I have a vision of a better life that someone coming after me may lead. I spend my thoughts, my time, my money, and my very self imparting that vision to a few young people. They see it, they live it, and my whole life, weak and faulty, is re-incarnated in theirs-stronger, finer and greater than I ever dared to be…” author unknown

For over 46 years this has been the vision of Delhaven Community Center. As a grass roots agency founded in the City of La Puente in 1972, Delhaven is dedicated to the strengthening of human life through social, educational, and recreational leisure time activities in a structured and supervised setting.

We focus on providing affordable opportunities which will address the needs of our community, providing a nurturing environment which will help strengthen the family unit, provide opportunities for volunteer leadership, provide opportunities for individuals to challenge themselves to live their lives in the best possible fashion based upon strong moral principles, and to provide activities in which individuals of all ages, color, and creed may experience acceptance, respect, love and personal growth in a caring environment.

Delhaven Staff

Delhaven has over 300 volunteers yearly that give their time and commitment to our programs and activities. It is through their hard work and willingness to give of themselves that Delhaven is able to continue to provide the extensive quality programs at a low cost.

Delhaven has over 30 full time and part time employees, several of whom have grown up in our programs and now are on staff. Of the over 30 employees, 12 of our employees have been on staff for over 12 years including 4 of whom have been on our staff for over 20 years. Lets meet our professional staff.

Executive Adviser: Barbara Seal

Barbara and Wyatt Seal founded Delhaven Community Center in 1972. Through her ideals and beliefs, her commitment to helping others, her guidance, and her hard work, Delhaven is the agency it is today. Today Barbara is our Executive Adviser and handles some of the administrative aspects of the agency.

Executive Director: Tim Seal

Tim grew up at Delhaven since the age of seven (7) when Delhaven began. Starting as a participant he became a Junior Counselor, Senior Leader, Recreation Coordinator and continued into the position of The Executive Director of Delhaven where he handles the daily operation of the agency, represents the agency in the community, oversees staff and is the administrator to the agency.

Program Coordinator- for the Developmentally Disabled: Sue Meyer

Starting as a part time program aid over 22 years ago in our Day Care Facility. Sue now coordinates all of our programs for the Developmentally Disabled including directing out State Licensed Day Care facility for 110 clients, our Fun Makers Club, weekend round ups, and square dancing. Sue also assist in coordinating our mountain camps, caravans and our Fun Seekers club.

Program Coordinator- for children and young adults: Eric Benavidez

Living just a few houses down, Eric first began coming to Delhaven when he was 7 years old as a participant. He has now since been on our staff full time for over 10 years coordinating our programs for children and yound adults including our after school recreation program located at three sites for elementary aged children, the after school homework program, summer day camps, vacation day camps, leaders volunteer internship program, and assist with coordinating our special events, Voyagers Club, and weekend round ups.

Program Coordinator for “at Risk” children and family services: Cathy Mosely Spyier

Cathy joined the staff over 15 years ago and specializes in programs and services that are considered “at Risk”. Cathy coordinates our Voyagers Club which is a specialized program working with children who have emotional and/or behavioral issues, our family emergency services including a food pantry, shoe pantry, Christmas baskets, and as a referral specialist, coordinating our Court Hour Referrals, all CPR and First Aid Training Instructor for our staff as she is American Red Cross Certified, and coordinating our Dinner/Fashion Show.

Behavioral Specialist: Osman

With over 25 years of working at Delhaven, Osman has done just about everything and is a part of many of the programs and camps offered at Delhaven. He brings many skills to the agency but specializes in working with our more difficult participants as our Behavior Specialist. Additionally, he is very active in representing Delhaven in our community.