Our Community Center…

A dream built upon a vision… a vision that “I live but one life, and I may live that one poorly, but I have a vision of a better life that someone coming after me may lead. I spend my thoughts, my time, my money, and my very self imparting that vision to a few young people. They see it, they live it, and my whole life, weak and faulty, is re-incarnated in theirs-stronger, finer and greater than I ever dared to be…” author unknown

For nearly 50 years this has been the vision of Delhaven Community Center. As a grass-roots agency founded in the City of La Puente in 1972, Delhaven is dedicated to the strengthening of human life through social, educational, and recreational leisure time activities in a structured and supervised setting.

We focus on providing affordable opportunities which will address the needs of our community, providing a nurturing environment which will help strengthen the family unit, provide opportunities for volunteer leadership, provide opportunities for individuals to challenge themselves to live their lives in the best possible fashion based upon strong moral principles, and to provide activities in which individuals of all ages, color, and creed may experience acceptance, respect, love and personal growth in a caring environment.