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ASES Programs | News

We Miss You! | As Delhaven ASES staff get together and talk, we understand that this is a time of much uncertainty. What we all know for sure is that we MISS all our students and want to find ways to keep everyone feeling connected to afterschool.  In an effort to do that, we will be launching various online videos and grade level worksheets to keep our students learning, engaged and mentally and physically healthy.  Continue reading ASES Programs | News

Distance Learning and Alternative Programming

HLPUSD Delhaven ASES Programs
Distance Learning and Alternative Programming

During these difficult and uncertain times, we at Delhaven understand that a lot of parents and students are looking for free educational resources for distance learning. Delhaven Community Center and our HLPUSD ASES staff are excited to add to the resources already available with our own selection of worksheets and videos. Continue reading Distance Learning and Alternative Programming

SGPRC | Alternative Ways to Provide Services

April 1, 2020

Delhaven Community Center will be offering the following continued services and offering the following alternative ways of providing services.  In doing so, we will continue to follow all current applicable HIPAA guidelines, CDC Guidelines, Regional Center Guidelines, and Health and Safety Guidelines that are pertinent to the current CoronaVirus crisis.

Continue reading SGPRC | Alternative Ways to Provide Services

BWC (Because We Care)

Because We Care

For the past year, we have been meeting meticulously with a special committee staff, Board members and community leaders, to develop a very special program called
Because We Care.  This unique program is designed to provide financial, emotional, social, and professional support to those that are struggling with or have loved ones struggling with depression, anxiety disorder, panic disorder, and borderline personality disorder.  Continue reading Because We Care